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Romanian students awarded at the European contest "Cassini - Scientist for a Day"

on 07 March 2013

Seventeen Romanian students out of a total of more than a thousand European participants were elected winners, along with other children and teenagers from Poland, Greece, Spain and Great Britain in the essay contest on space themes "Cassini - Scientist for day ", 2012 edition.

The Cassini-Huygens mission is an international project of ESA, NASA and the Italian Space Agency designed to study Saturn and its rings and moons. Cassini entered the orbit of Saturn in 2004 after an almost seven years long journey, and in 2005 the Huygens probe landed on the surface of the Titan satellite, Saturn's largest moon. The Cassini mission will continue until 2017 and will end two decades after its launch.

The contest "Cassini – Scientist for a Day" was organized by the European Space Agency (ESA) – an organization of which Romania is a full member since 2011, and addressed to European students. The participants were invited to study three possible targets for the space mission Cassini: Saturn, its natural satellite "Pan" or the ring "F" and to reason which of the three objectives would provide the most relevant scientific results. The essays were written in the native language of the participants and submitted no later than 3 December 2012. The evaluation was done by a group of national experts.

The Romanian winners are:
9-11 years category: Vlad-Cristian Dragne; Ştefan Scarlatescu, Vlad Francu; Dan Gabriel Chişca, Tudor Caldarescu; Eduard Mironeanu..
12-13 years category: Ioana Ileana Ichim; Silvia Maria Niţa, Ioana Stefania Petre; Alexandru Pascadi, Dragos Martac, Andrei Draghici, Claudiu Dan.
14-17 years category: Beatrice Gugu-Petrisor; Catalina Paraschiv, Adriana Mocanu; Catalin Adrian Pârvu.
The essays of the Romanian students can be downloaded here. The winners received a parcel with educational and informative ESA products and a certificate of participation.

The 2013 edition of the competition will be held towards the end of 2013. Upates will be posted on the ESA website.