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The Romanian Space Agency, Competent PRS Authority for Romania in the Galileo Programme

on 27 October 2016

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) was appointed Competent PRS Authority for Romania in the Galileo Programme — a global navigation satellite system, developed as a common project of the European Union (EU) and the European Space Agency (ESA).

According to the Memorandum that the Romanian Government issued on 26 October the use of the Public Regulated Service will facilitate the access to PRS technologies for the Romanian industry and it will allow the manufacture of receivers, security modules and the development of support services, considering that security requirements restrict the attribution of this task exclusively to a member-state that has delegated a PRS competent authority or to organisations based in a member-state that delegated a PRS competent authority.

The legislative document also states that the Inter-Ministerial Commission will need to perform an operational, economic, legal, technical and security analysis with the purpose to identify how to benefit from the services provided through the global navigation satellite systems, and further on to regulate the PRS domain in Romania and to organise and make the PRS Competent Authority operational, including the distribution of tasks amongst various institutions.

Currently, the Galileo global navigation satellite system is in the stage of finalising the space- and ground-based infrastructure. The services provided by the Galileo programme will gradually become available, starting with the last quarter of 2016, while beginning of 2020 the programme will become fully operational.

The Public Regulated Service is addressed only to the users authorised by participating states, and it insures solid and encrypted signals for applications and services, resistance to voluntary or involuntary interferences and a high level of continuity for emergency services, law enforcement, internal security and border control, critical services for energy delivery, electronic communication, transportation, strategic and defence activities.

The access of member states to the Public Regulated Service is free of charge, according to applicable European regulations, but in order to use the service, it is mandatory to delegate a PRS Competent Authority at the level of the member state, which must ensure the enforcement of the Minimum Common Standards for the utilisation of PRS. 16 out of the 28 EU member states are currently participating to the Public Regulated Service.

Currently, through its legal competences and responsibilities, the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) is actively involved in the Galileo programme. Its representatives are participating in committees, working groups, programme councils, administrative and security Galileo councils at the level of the European Commission, the European GNSS Agency or the European Space Agency.

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Image credit: ESA – P. Carril