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on 26 June 2020

ESA Open Invitation to Tender AO10299
Open Date: 25/06/2020
Closing Date: 03/09/2020 13:00:00

Status: ISSUED
Reference Nr.: 20.154.01
Prog. Ref.: H2020 (Indust. Cost)
Budget Ref.: E/0350-10 - H2020 (Indust. Cost)
Tender Type: C
Price Range: > 500 KEURO
Products: Orbital Transportation & Re-entry Systems / Software / System Engineering SW (for Ground SW see Segment III) / System Modelling & Simulation (Aerothermodynamic Tools for Design, Environment, ...)
Technology Domains: System Design & Verification / System Analysis and Design / Design and Simulation
Establishment: ESTEC
Directorate: Directorate of Navigation
Department: Strategy and Programme Department
Division: GNSS Evolution Programme & Strategy Div.
Contract Officer: Schubkegel, Anja
Industrial Policy Measure: N/A - Not apply
Last Update Date: 25/06/2020
Update Reason: Tender issue

This activity entails the tevelopment of a modular software tool, including support h/w, for mission analysis and satellite development considering the G2G launch scenarios, launcher model and satellite models in terms of thruster profile and manoeuvres, launch window, radiation environment impact, operational constraints.

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