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The Researchers’ Night 22 September 2006

on 20 September 2006

Every year, the European Commission is organizing, within the research 6th Framework Programme, a research dedicated night, in every country participating to the Programme. This night is called ‘The Researchers’ Night’ and this year it will take place on 22nd of September. In Romania, the project for organizing this event is developed by the Romanian Space Agency, in cooperation with GLOBAL VIDEO MEDIA, INFLPR and the Romanian National Commission for UNESCO.

The program of the evening will be live broadcasted by AlphaTV and it comprises live ‘science café’ on given themes with speakers from the research domain, an interactive theatre show and a laser and music show in the centre of Bucharest. The event aims at presenting the research activities and attracting the young people for having a scientific career. The e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is opened for your suggestions and opinions related to this event. Also, ROSA’s web site is hosting a forum that is functional. 

For details related to the similar events taking place in the other European countries, you can visit the European Commission web page dedicated to the event:

Programm Researchers’ Night