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Open Call for University Students: “CubeSats Concurrent Engineering Workshop”

on 09 November 2017

The Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) invites Romanian university students to participate in ESA Academy’s first Concurrent Engineering Workshop dedicated to CubeSats. The four days-long event will be organised between 16 – 19 January 2018 at the Training and Learning Centre in ESEC, Belgium. The deadline for applications is 4 December 2017.

The “CubeSats Concurrent Engineering Workshop” will introduce student teams to the concurrent design of a CubeSat mission and it aims to prepare universities that are planning to embark on a CubeSat project or are at the early stages of developing one.

During the workshop, participants will be divided into groups of two or three members and will be assigned to one of the following disciplines: systems engineering, mission analysis, configuration & structures, power, communications & onboard computer and data handling (OBDH), altitude and orbit control system (AOCS), or thermal.

Preferred teams are those that are considering to start, or have recently started a university CubeSat project, and/or those teams interested in applying Concurrent Engineering methodologies to their CubeSat design. The eligibility requirements state that the CubeSat team must be from a University based in an ESA Member or Associate State, there have to be at least four university students in the team and the project needs to be an educational one.

Only a limited number of team members will have the chance to participate in the workshop. Applicants should be nationals of an ESA Member or Associate State. At the time of the application they should be aged between 18 – 32, should be enrolled as a full-time 3rd / 4th year Bachelor, Master or PhD student in a university (not graduating before the workshop), and should be studying an engineering subject or physics.

ESA will cover the cost of accommodation and meals as well as up to 200 euros for travelling to Redu, Belgium, for each selected student.

Applications require a two-step process: an overview of the CubeSat project shall be submitted by the team leader and students within each team shall submit their individual application.

More details about the “CubeSats Concurrent Engineering Workshop” can be accessed here.

Image credit: ESA